About Us


Our company is located in Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. As a high-tech enterprise, we integrate research and development, design, production, sales,  and service. We adhere to the road of independent technology innovation. Over the years we are committed to bring high quality entertainment user experience to customers.

Who We Are

Founded in 2015, our company has been focusing on the sound field for nearly 10 years. With a factory area of  3000 square meters, we have perfect assembly lines and production process. Our professional design team is able to provide customers with comprehensive design and development services, as well as customized design solutions to meet the unique and diversified product design needs.


What We Do

We have accumulated rich experience in motherboard design, acoustics, radio, electronic circuits, system integration and other technical fields. With rich project experience, we can provide product ID design, acoustic design, RF design and other solutions. We can provide customers with overall solutions for complete machines, accessories and parts, to achieve a diversified product cooperation model. Meanwhile, we can customize specified products according to customer needs.


What We Have

Our company has an excellent R & D and design team. Our research and development field covers motherboard, wireless microphone, wireless audio system, USB wired microphone, desktop microphone, XLR wired microphone, etc. We master research and development technology of multi-frequency, multi-channel analog and digital wireless products such as 2.4G, VHF/UHF, Bluetooth and other products. We are in a leading position in the the field of USB sound card, capacitor microphone, live sound card and other technical fields . We integrate processing, production and services, to finish products from conception to mass production. As well, we are a leader in the electroacoustic industry  in terms to production cycle, product quality control, cost control and other aspects .

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