• One of the Best-Selling Microphones: BKX-40

    One of the Best-Selling Microphones: BKX-40

    Crisp high-quality audio can greatly improve any video content you are creating whether you are filming a vlog, streaming live online. As one of the leading microphone manufacturers, we keep updating various designs of microphone. Today we want to introduce the best hot-selling of our company. To...
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  • USB Conference Microphone BKM-10

    USB Conference Microphone BKM-10

    USB Conference Microphone BKM-10 As one of leading microphone manufacturers, we supply various kinds of microphone. Many friends and clients want us to introduce some hot-selling microphones. Today We would like to introduce one best microphone for meetings:USB Conference Microphone BKM-10. Let...
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  • How to Choose a Desktop Microphone

    How to Choose a Desktop Microphone

    With the rapid rise of Video recording and dubbing, online video learning, live karaoke, etc. in recent years, the demand for hardware equipment has also become the focus of many microphone manufacturers. Many friends have asked us how to choose recording desktop microphones . As a leading microp...
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  • Different Polar patterns of Microphones

    Different Polar patterns of Microphones

    What are microphone polar patterns? Microphone polar patterns describe the way a microphone’s element picks up sound from sources positioned around it. There are mainly three types of polar patterns of a microphone. They are cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-8, also known as bidirectional. Le...
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  • Dynamic And Condenser Microphones

    Dynamic And Condenser Microphones

    As many buyers are confused about how to select a proper microphone, today we would like to list some differences between dynamic and condenser microphones. What are dynamic and condenser microphones? All microphones operate the same; they convert sound waves into voltage which is then sent to a...
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  • February Celebration at Company Brings Together Birthdays and Lantern Festival

    February Celebration at Company Brings Together Birthdays and Lantern Festival

    February proved to be a joyous and festive month at Company as employees came together to celebrate birthdays and the Lantern Festival. On February 22nd, the company hosted a lively gathering to commemorate the birthdays of staff members born in February and to partake in traditional activities a...
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  • Happy Chinese new year &New products are coming soon.

    Happy Chinese new year &New products are coming soon.

    As the traditional Chinese Spring Festival draws to a close, people across the country are gradually returning to work and preparing for the year ahead. The Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year, is a time of great celebration and family gatherings. It marks the beginning of the lunar n...
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  • Laba rice porridge

    Laba rice porridge

    Today, Chinese people are celebrating the traditional Laba Festival, also known as the "Laba Porridge Festival", which falls on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month. This festival is hundreds of years old and has important cultural significance. During the Laba Fest...
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  • January birthday party

    January birthday party

    Happy birthday to all the employees of the company who are celebrating their birthdays in January! It's wonderful to hear that the company has organized a thoughtful and exciting birthday celebration for everyone. The decorations, birthday posters, gifts, and surprises h...
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  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    Kingwayinfo Company Hosts Festive Christmas EventOn the joyous occasion of Christmas, Kingwayinfo Company organized a delightful array of festivities to bring employees together in celebration of the holiday season. The event, held on December 25th, provided a moment of respite and merriment for ...
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  • Capturing Priceless Moments with Vlogging: Documenting BBQs, Northern Snows and Southern Oceans introduce

    Video blogging, or video blogging, has become a popular way for individuals to record and share their experiences with a wider audience. An important aspect of vlogging is capturing high-quality audio. With the help of a microphone, vloggers can ensure that their viewers are fully immersed in the...
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  • As temperatures drop, indoor activities increase: like ktv, live streaming and gaming

    As temperatures drop and the cold season approaches, people are looking for comfort and entertainment in a variety of indoor activities. Singing, live streaming, and gaming have become increasingly popular options for those who want to pass the time, stay entertained, and connect with others from...
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