USB Conference Microphone BKM-10

USB Conference Microphone BKM-10
As one of leading microphone manufacturers, we supply various kinds of microphone. Many friends and clients want us to introduce some hot-selling microphones. Today We would like to introduce one best microphone for meetings:USB Conference Microphone BKM-10. Let’s check it out.

USB Conference Microphone BKM-10

It is small round shape, compact and lightweight , very convenient and portable.


From the packing we can find that we have certificates of FC, CE, RoHs, to meet different requirements of clients.

Let’s open it and see the packing list. Packed with foam to protect device from damage. The lists are 1 piece of instruction manual, microphone and USB cable.
Let’s have a quick view of the features.
1)Compatibility:It is Compatible with all Conference Applications. The microphone is perfect for online meeting/teaching and distance learning by using Zoom/Skype/GoToMeeting/WebEx/ Hangouts /Fuze, etc.
2)Superior Sound Quality: Built-in noise reduction technology can effectively block the noise and eliminate echo to pick up clear sound.
3)Designed for Meetings: BKM-10 adopts an omnidirectional pickup pattern to capture the subtle sound from 360°. The mic can pick up the voices of all speakers around it with a wide pickup range(5m/16.4ft). When you move within the room, there are no differences in timbre.
4)Plug and Play: Just plug it into a laptop/desktop and get started, no driver software is required. 
5)One Button Mute: The built-in indicator light informs the status(blue: working, red: mute). It makes your meeting more efficient while you multitask during a call to mute your mic with only one soft touch.

USB Conference Microphone BKM-10(4)

How to use USB conference microphone BKM-10. It is easy to perate:
First connect the Type-A plug to PC or laptop
Then connect the Type-C plug to the microphone
The indicator light will shine blue which means the microphone is ready to work.It has the Touch control of mute. If you want to mute the microphone just touch the icon and the indicator light will turn to red. Touch again to start working.

USB Conference Microphone BKM-10(5) USB Conference Microphone BKM-10(6)

If you need further details such as specification or other types of USB conference microphone please contact us directly.





Post time: Apr-20-2024