Guangzhou International Professional Lighting and Audio Exhibition

Guangzhou International Professional Lighting and Audio Exhibition (Guangzhou Exhibition for short) is one of the largest and most influential professional exhibitions in Asia. This year's 21st Guangzhou Exhibition was held in Guangzhou on May 25th for four days, attracting exhibitors and visitors from the professional lighting and audio industry from all over the world. This exhibition is designed to provide a communication and. display platform for enterprises and professionals in the field of professional lighting and audio. The exhibition grounds will feature a wide variety of booths showcasing the latest lighting and sound technologies, products and solutions. Exhibitors will showcase their latest products and technologies, and share their expertise and experience with the audience. Guangzhou Exhibition will also hold a series of professional forums and seminars to provide exhibitors and visitors with opportunities to learn about industry trends and exchange experiences. Some well-known industry experts and scholars will give speeches to discuss the latest trends and development directions of the industry. Attendees will also have the opportunity to visit the exhibition and demonstration areas on-site to experience the latest lighting and sound technology first-hand. This exhibition is of great significance to Guangzhou and even the entire lighting and audio industry. As the manufacturing and trading center of China's lighting and audio industry, Guangzhou has a solid industrial foundation and abundant resources. The holding of the exhibition will further promote the development of the lighting and audio industry. It is reported that at this exhibition, exhibitors and visitors will have the opportunity toi negotiate cooperation with top lighting and audio companies at home and abroad, and reach the intention of business cooperation and exchange cooperation. This will help to promote exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises in the field of lighting and audio, and enhance the innovation ability and competitiveness of the industry. The holding of Guangzhou International Professional Lighting and Audi Exhibition is not only a commercial event, but also a promoter to promote the healthy development of the lighting and audio industry. Through this exhibition, professionals in the industry will have the opportunity to share their technology and experience, learn about the latest developments in the industry, and promote innovation and progress in lighting and sound technology. It is believed that with the successful holding of of the lighting and audio industry. Guangzhou Exhibition, the lighting and audio industry will usher in more prosperity and development. We look forward to the active participation of practitioners and audiences, and jointly contribute to the developer.


Post time: Aug-03-2023