KINGWAYINFO Introduces the BKX-40 Multi-Purpose Microphone: The Ultimate Microphone for Home Musicians and Audio Professionals

During the three years of the epidemic, many people stay indoors and spend their holidays at home on weekends. Some people choose to accompany themselves with games during the holidays, and some will play some music and sing aloud at home. The MIC BKX-40 released by KINGWAYINFO supports active reduction of environmental noise, stable transmission with wired connection, dual transmission by usb or cannon , multi-purpose in one wheat, suitable for a variety of occasions.


Bkx-40 Moving coil microphone compact shape, feel fine and smooth, moving coil type sound-absorbing microphone head, built-in filter sound sponge, sensitive pickup, intelligent noise reduction, all-round restoration of sound quality, clear, smooth and natural.

Magnetic sound quality, can include sound subtle signals, bass thick, clear and transparent middle and high, with a wide frequency response range, suitable for the stage or recording studio in the professional lead singer, make the human voice more beautiful, make the singer more confident.


The use of heart pickup mode, can effectively suppress excess noise and echo off-axis frequency response, provide pre-feedback gain, effectively suppress off-axis sound.

Anti-slip design, bring comfortable feel, the surface of the microphone after three-dimensional anti-slip line paint process, comfortable feel, the microphone is strong and durable, fashion.

BKX-40 microphone is compatible with multiple scenes and multi use of one microphone. It is suitable for stage singing, activity hosting, party singing, live broadcast, network broadcast, recording and other occasions. It is also very suitable for picking up drums, guitars, bass and other instruments.


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More than 10 years of research and development experience in the photographic equipment industry tells us that good picture quality is not enough. Audio is the decisive factor in making a good video. Through efficient management team, strong R & D capability and professional quality management system, we provide our customers with the best quality audio products and services.



Post time: Feb-15-2023