MEMS Microphones Have Revolutionized the Consumer Electronics Industry and Expanded Into Emerging Markets

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MEMS stands for micro electromechanical system. In daily life, many devices are equipped with MEMS technology. MEMS microphones are not only used in mobile phones, computers and other fields, but also in earphones, car electronics and medical digital video recorders. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, wearable intelligent devices, unmanned driving, Internet of things, smart home and other fields gradually become the emerging application market of MEMS microphone. In the low-end microphone product market, due to the low industry entry threshold, there are many microphone manufacturers, and the concentration is relatively low, but in the high-end microphone market, the concentration is relatively high.


According to the Development Prospect Forecast and In-depth Research Analysis Report of China's Microphone Industry 2022-2027 by Puhua Research Institute:
MEMS(micro-electromechanical system) microphone is a microphone based on MEMS technology. Simply put, it is a capacitor integrated on the micro-silicon wafer. It can be manufactured by surface paste technology, and can withstand high reflow temperature. ECM works by vibrating a membrane of polymer material with a permanent charge.


Consumer electronics such as smart phones, tablets, smart speakers, wearable devices, automotive electronics and other intelligent interactive products have huge market demand potential, which will drive the rapid development of upstream components and accessories industry. The consumer electronics industry continues to move forward driven by technological innovation. New product forms such as 5G applications, foldable phones, augmented reality and IOT continue to emerge, with diversified market demands and huge growth potential, thus attracting entrants, among which potential entrants are mainly represented in upstream and downstream industries and enterprises with precision manufacturing industries entering the industry.


With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, new consumer fields such as wearable intelligent devices and industrial fields such as unmanned driving, Internet of Things and smart home have gradually become emerging application markets for microphones.

With the declining cost of MEMS microphones, it has been a trend for smart speaker microphone arrays to choose MEMS microphones, and the MEMS microphone market is currently developing well and is being developed in multiple fields.

Post time: Feb-15-2023