The microphone features a convenient indicator light that lights up blue when in active mode. This light acts as a visual cue to let you know the microphone is working properly. One of the distinctive features of this microphone is its volume control feature. It comes with a knob that allows you to easily adjust the volume. Turn the dial to the left to decrease the volume, and to the right to increase the volume. This gives you greater control and flexibility to adjust audio levels to your liking. Another useful feature of this microphone is its mute function. You can conveniently mute the microphone by pressing the mute button. When the microphone is muted, the RGB lighting on the microphone will turn red, providing a clear visual indication that the microphone is currently muted. Additionally, the mute button has a secondary function. If you hold down the mute button, the RGB lighting effects will be turned on or off. This allows you to choose whether you want RGB lighting effects to accompany the mute function. If you decide to turn off the lighting effects, a short press of the mute button will still activate the mute function, but there will not be any lighting effects to indicate the muted status. Additionally, the microphone also features a headphone jack, which is a convenient additional feature. This means you can connect headphones to the microphone itself. The microphone supports zero-latency monitoring, allowing you to listen to audio in real time while recording or speaking without any noticeable delay. This feature ensures you can have accurate audio monitoring and make any necessary adjustments when using your microphone. All in all, this microphone offers a variety of useful features such as an indicator light, volume control function, mute function, and a headphone jack with zero-latency monitoring. These features provide enhanced control and convenience, making it a reliable and versatile microphone for a variety of uses.


Post time: Sep-11-2023